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Sand Delivery Guys in Rio Grande City, TX's mission is to provide prompt, dependable, and courteous service to all customers. Whether a home builder, residential or commercial construction company, or residential customer, everyone can expect the same courteous service for their individual needs. 888-280-0833



Sand Delivery Guys prides itself on high-quality products and services. We can handle any large commercial construction job. Let us help you will all your construction and landscaping needs.


Homebuilding And Landscaping

The owners of Sand Delivery Guys in Rio Grande City, TX has been providing quality homebuilding and landscaping products to the Rio Grande City, TX and surrounding areas. Mark and Cindy are committed to customer satisfaction and community development. Sand Delivery Guys has been a longtime member of organizations including; Home Builders Association, Better Business Bureau, Rio Grande City, TX Chamber of Commerce and U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

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1. What are your hours?

A. Monday-Friday 7:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m., Saturday 8 a.m.-3 p.m., Closed on Sunday.

2. Do you deliver?

A. Yes, we can deliver anywhere from 1 cubic yard to 18 cubic yards.

3. Can you dump the material in my yard?

A. We prefer to dump on a driveway, as there is less likely to be any problems than if we drive into a yard. There are risks involved with driving into a yard, such as the truck getting stuck making ruts in the yard, running over irrigation heads or septic tanks, and landscape getting torn up.

4. How much material do I need?

A. The amount of material needed depends on the square footage of area to be covered. We measure our material by the cubic yard. To figure how many cubic yards of material you will need, multiply the Length in Feet x the Width in Feet x the Height in Inches divided by.27.

One Cubic Yard of Material spread to a depth of 3" covers 108 Sq. Ft. or an Area 10'x10'.

5. How much mortar Sand will I need for laying brick and block?

A. One cubic yard of Sand will lay 900 - 1,000 bricks or 175 - 8" blocks.

6. How do you measure your products?

A. We have three tractor loaders. We have a loader with a 1A cubic yard bucket, a loader with a 1 cubic yard bucket and a loader with a 3 1A cubic yard bucket.

7. Can you spread gravel in my driveway?

A. We will spread the gravel with the bed of the truck as the truck is moving forward, as long as there are no power lines or tree limbs overhead. We do not do any hand spreading. You may need to rake down and smooth out the gravel in your driveway.

8. Will mulch attract termites or bugs?

A. Bark mulches are not an attractive food source for termites. Termites prefer large pieces of wood typically six inches or larger. Termites can live in wet areas. The best preventive steps to protect your home from termites is make sure water properly drains away from the foundation and have your home treated annually by a licensed exterminator.

9. Can I pay by credit or debit card?

A. Yes, we accept all major credit cards and debit cards.

10. Can I set up an account with you?

A. Yes, with an approved credit application, we can set up an account for a business that will need to use our services on a monthly basis. Please call Mark Shoaf for quotes and bids for your construction or landscaping jobs.

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