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Sand Delivery Guys is a sand & stone supplier that is well established and has been in operation ever since. The enterprise consists of a well groomed family business, with the second generation taking over. The directors has more than 25 years collective experience in the business of mining and supply of sand and stone, to the building industry and other enterprises in and around. 888-280-0833

The business has grown from transporting of sand to supplying of sand to other transporters. Selling products at wholesale prices and delivering products to the transport, construction and civil engineering industry up and till today.

At Sand Delivery Guys we respect our customers� needs and requirement. Regardless of the size or nature of the projects, our aim is to always provide excellent service and highest product quality, there for we have 4 different colours of each product so that we can suite all our clients� needs.

Our dedication to clients and our passion for service excellence has seen us grow our client base to the extent of servicing clients & projects.

Sand Products

Building Sand - Macassar building sand, used for making concrete

MacSand - Yellow Building Sand, used for making concrete and the laying of bricks

Mix Sand - Also known as Malmesbury Mix. A Multipurpose blend of sands mixed with Malmesbury sand and yellow MacSand. Used for plastering, building and concrete, highly recommended.

Malmesbury Sand - River sand / plaster sand, used for plastering and building

Filling sand � used for filling and under paving.

Philippi Sand � used for the screeding, building and plastering

Lime sand - plaster sand, used for plastering, gives a very smooth finish

Topsoil � for garden use and top dress of grass and potting soil

Stone Products

25/19mm blend stone � used for making concrete

19mm grey/white stone � used for making concrete and drainage

13mm grey/white stone � used for making concrete, drainage and cavity filling

19mm brown stone � used mostly for driveway landscaping

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13mm brown stone � used mostly for garden landscaping, drainage and cavity filling

6mm grey stone � used for part of mix for concrete products and roads, drainage and cavity filling

Crusher dust � used for toppings, filling and part of mix for masonry products

Gravel Products

Sub base � G5 crushed gravel used in driveways and parking areas. Also used under paving

Base course � G4, G3 and G2 crushed gravel. Mainly used in road and highway construction

Laterite base course � natural gravel in G4 specification

Laterite sub base � natural gravel in G5 specification

Products available for delivery or collection

(See services for truck sizes)

Usefull Formulas

Landscaping � brown stone (garden stone) - quantity:

Length X width X depth (measure in meter)

Example (10m x 10m x 0.5m = 5m brown stone)

Weight of sand & stone

13mm stone: 1.34 tons = 1m2

19mm stone: 1.36 tons = 1m2

Sand: 1.40 tons = 1m2

Key features

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